Device / Lighting Cord Covers and Protectors


1.)  Remove the Cord Armour from package, DO NOT UNCOIL!  Leave rubberband intact, this will allow for easier application.

2.)  Straighten out any kinks, bends or twists in appliance cord.

3.)  One or two inches below appliance/device begin weaving Cord Armour around cord.  Trim excess wrap if necessary.

4.)  Cord Armour should fit tight and will minimize cord twisting like Magic!

Cord Armour | Black 2m
Cord Armour | Black 1m


The product can only be used on insulated cords and may melt if exposed to heat from electrical or other heat sources.  The product should never be used with exposed, bare, defective or damaged electrical wires which can be a cause of fire.  The product and cords should be checked regularly to make sure damage to the cords insulation has not occurred from pet chewing, regularly use or other activities.  Except for the limited warranty and remedies found online at, seller makes no warranty  whatsoever with respect to the goods, including any  (A) Warranty of Merchantability; (B) Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose.